‘Pop up’ Birdbath

October 5, 2012

You know how some clothing brands have ‘pop up’ stores around big cities that are open for a week or so and then close down?  In smaller cities like Portland there are local versions of these ‘pop ups’, too. Last week we left our wheelbarrow out in the yard and it filled with rain creating a ‘pop up’ birdbath for the neighborhood beauties.  It must have been a welcome surprise to them!  Luke happened to catch sight of the bathers and got some great photos.  They made a splash!

Have a lovely weekend!

3 Responses to “‘Pop up’ Birdbath”

  1. Gwen Z. Says:

    Very cute post. Great photos, too.

  2. Patti Butler Says:

    Love the title. Pop up’s are the rage and it figures our feathered friends are right on trend!

  3. Philip Marshall Says:

    Bluebirds too. A sign of good luck.

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