love the color!

Adding color in our home is important to me.  Personally, I love being surrounded by greens, teals, raspberry reds, and yellows.  Sometimes it takes a printed fabric with all of the above colors to bring everything together and the rest is harmonious history!

beautiful combination of schumacher fabrics in lime green, hot pink, and blues.

However, adding color to your home by way of paint is an altogether different task, for me anyway. Choosing a shade is excruciating and holds up the process, whether for walls or furniture.  Right now I have a dresser that I bought on craigslist. The dimensions fit what I wanted and the hardware is vintage, but it needs a coat of paint in the most fabulous color. It sits in my basement, unpainted, collecting dust. Meanwhile I collect color cards and swatches.

My inspirations:

Beautiful colors

stacking cabinet | wonderful execution

love the gray color!

I’ll be sure to share what I end up choosing, because I will not be trumped by you,  elusive shade of whatever!! Any color suggestions are welcome!

{Image credits for the above can be found on my pinterest board, except the last image which you can find here.}

Last week I spent an overnight in gorgeous Ogunquit with my friend Chrissie and for the first time experienced it’s charm!  So idyllic and quaint and a perfect place for taking a pause in a busy week!

We walked along the sunny beach, in and out of the surf.

In the evening we made our way to dinner, meandering through tiny streets.

What a cool library they have in town!

We took Marginal Way {an oceanside path} to get to the restaurant.

The sun was setting and there was a purple hue on the horizon.

We talked and walked and laughed!

MC Perkins Cove was our restaurant of choice. 3 words: food, view, yum.

On our walk back we took to the narrow streets and got a peek at some other restaurants.  And we stopped for gelato, obviously.

The next morning was another beautiful day to be at the beach!

A perfect send-off to head back into the work week!

That was such a fun time Chrissie! Yippee for summertime getaways:)

Beach Day

Ever since I can remember I have loved this tri-color combination.  To describe it now would be to say it’s classic and crisp, but growing up I just gravitated toward it.  It’s both tomboy and elegant; American and European.

When we were in nyc at market for work, buying summer from DVF, I had to write this on my order, for obvious reasons:

{Winnie cardigan by Diane von Furstenberg}

People can be apprehensive about putting these colors together because it can scream ‘patriotic’ and be a bit ‘too 4th of July’ but if you keep it simple, add some style and a bit of pattern-play you can make it your own.

The above Polyvore set I created {click on it to get specific item info} has the beach very much in mind since it is officially summertime {in Maine — there is nothing better — yippee!!} I’m thinking it’s going to be a one-piece kind of summer!  As a kid I would wear mine all day, with socks and sneakers, no less! Running around my grandfather’s yard, picking & eating berries and playing badminton. Some things never change:)

Happy Summer to you all!  Enjoy it, fill it up with good stuff, let your inner kiddo out to play and wear red-white-blue if you dare!

By now most of us have heard that the honey bee lives a threatened existence. Conspiracy theories, like the one suggesting that our increased usage of cellphones and cell towers has caused Colony Collapse Disorder, have been circulating for some time.  In reality there are multiple reasons for the decline of the honey bee: mites, climate, parasites — to name a few.

The parasite that has evolved to locate a weak spot in the abdomen of a honey bee, that has been successful at infecting and killing them {they wreak havoc from the inside out} is called the phorid fly. As NPR has reported, they are causing the bees to leave their hives at night, very unusually, and abandon their hive altogether {en masse this causes CCD}. It can be unsettling when nature takes it’s course, can’t it?

We depend heavily on bees for pollinating our crops and we’re always doing things with their honey {e.g. mead, candles, and healing ointments}.  In Maine we have a large grower of blueberries called Wyman’s that distributes their fruit all over the world, and they rely on honey bees “from away” to pollinate their crops {read this great article!}.  The blueberry barrens are vast {60,000 acres vast} and buzzing with bees every spring — 55,000 full hives, as it’s estimated — and they’re brought in from places like Texas, Florida, and California.  Luke has seen this in person for two seasons now and says it’s quite amazing to drive through and see that many bees, thick in the air, doing their thing! Just imagine the acreage of crops worldwide that rely on honey bees.


As our culture shifts further into a mindset that values a grow-your-own mindset, the bee is evermore our friend. In Portland we have a meadery called Maine Mead Works {home of the delicious HoneyMaker wine} that uses local hives for their honey {learn about their Bee to Bottle process}.  Last weekend a friend gave me some medihoney for my scrape. {I also like to use honey as a natural remedy for a sore throat and often pair it with peanut butter for lunch.}  

We’ve talked about keeping bees ourselves and each year we hear of more backyard beekeepers. With the population declining I feel as if we should have a hive in our own yard, as though we’d be giving the bees a fighting chance to add to their numbers!  We have wild low brush blueberries and have planted high bush blueberries in our yard so they would have a happy home.  Plus, I just know our friends and family would love getting honey in addition to some fresh eggs!

p.s. The Maine State Beekeepers Association is full of good info, if you’re interested!

Boston Proper

June 13, 2012

Last weekend I went to see my best girlfriend in Boston. We were overdue for some fun girl time and she just got new digs. I arrived in the afternoon and it was hot and sunny and everyone was outside enjoying themselves.  The green spaces and gardens peppered all over the city offer the perfect respite to beat the heat and streets.

The swan boats were skimming the water with people eager to cool off.

Some parks had a carnival-like flair! These pics are from two different spots. Couldn’t resist the Rooster!

We walked everywhere we went.  We had a great time being out and about, chitchatting the whole way!

Bacco is where we had a glass of prosecco to start the evening. I love the big windows open to the street.

For dinner we went to Volle Nolle in the North End. They have a tiny, delicious place over there!  Tory, one of the owners, served up the best glass of vino I’ve had in a while.  My portobello sandwich was so good — I can’t wait to go back!

 Our stroll around the North End was a lot of fun.  We saw old men sitting in folding chairs outside of the Italian restaurants shooting the breeze — it was priceless! The energy was great.  Saturday was the Celtics’ game 7 and people were happy to be out.   We ended the night with a glass of sangria on a rooftop deck and then a decadent dish of gelato. Perfecto!

Sunday was another beautiful day and we walked over to Newbury Street and then by Fenway Park to check out West Elm.  It was miles and miles, people!  The Red Sox had a home game and fans crowded into Yawkey Way.

We made mental wish lists at West Elm and headed home.

{I want this and this!}

I was sad to leave my friend, but so glad we got in some girl time over a fabulous Boston weekend!  Thanks Steph:)

Anniebells is a fabulous home and gift shop that is full of beautiful things.  It’s been in Kennebunkport for a while and now we have one in Portland! On Saturday I stopped in to check it out and to find a gift for my friend Steph.  {A beautiful kitchen towel, as it turned out.} The aesthetic, product, and overall feel in the store is just lovely. Head-to-toe lovely!

I could have taken one of everything! Look at that bed! It is for sure my new go-to place for gifts and pretty things for the house.

The architectural detail of the space is an ideal backdrop. The warm brick arches are easy on the eyes.

The nook in the back of the store is a gardener’s sanctuary — so green and peaceful.

Gorgeous textiles — scarves and kitchen towels in such beautiful block prints and batiks!

Stacks of plush towels and crisp linens for the bed and body. Soaps and lotions and sea sponges. Bath and bed time at its best! A tabletop vignette: vases, books, trays, paperweights & linens.

There is so much more to see in the store. Wherever your eye lands you’ll find something to admire. On your next stop in Portland’s Old Port be sure to visit Anniebells!!

Bon weekend a tous!

June 8, 2012

Yippee, it’s about to get all weekend-y up in here!  I’m ready for it, are you? Our forecast is spectacular: sunny skies, mid-high 70’s. The lupines in our yard are loving it!  Have a good weekend everyone!

Sun shower

June 6, 2012

It’s a lush, green June day and the sun {after taking a hiatus} is back to shining again.  To my surprise this morning I looked out onto the yard to see a shower coming through!  A sun shower. With big, fat rain drops.  Made me smile.

See those white dots? They’re the biggest raindrops I’ve seen in awhile! You just know there was a rainbow out there somewhere.

That’s Venus, that little black spot on the sun, seen today in Florida.  It’s in transit, gliding between the Earth and the Sun in a rare move across the sky.  The next time it will be visible to us is in 2117!  I did not get a glimpse of it myself, did you?  How beautiful to be reminded of how extraordinary the universe is by planetary movements like this one that we can see from our own front porches {if we were on the ball}, no telescopes needed! So cool. People around here gathered at high spots with good western exposure for viewing and I’m excited to see the pics that will be circulating later on.  Venus will be visible in various parts of the world for the next 24 hours or so.  The photo above is from National GeographicI knew we could count on them for amazing photos!


June 3, 2012

A deluge came through during the night, well, not in the strictest sense but I tell you it rained hard and we’ve got the puddles to prove it. In fact it’s still raining and every body of water is swollen. Some roads are barely passable and look more like frog ponds, like this one we drove through today…while Suzanne Vegas’  Tom’s Diner  was playing on the radio — perfect!

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