July 13, 2013

Oh my goodness, remember me??  I’ve taken a hiatus– just been busy creating life and nesting. Today is my due date–and Luke’s birthday!! Happy Birthday my Love! While I would love to give him the gift of our little girl today, she seems happy to hang in utero longer still, so I continue to nest. The birds around our yard have been busy doing the same…nature and I have been on a similar cycle:)

Image{A pair of Bluebirds checking the box for a possible nesting site earlier this Spring.}

Image{Such beautiful birds! Each year I am grateful for their return.}


{A male perched on the box.}

Most of the boxes have been nested in by Tree Swallows this year.  They are fun to watch flying through the yard, catching bugs, and protecting their boxes.  Don’t mess with a Tree Swallow, they’ll dive bomb you!Image

Other birds we see in our yard:Image{Rose Breasted Grosbeak.}


Image{Female Hooded Warbler– we think! CORRECTION: Common Yellowthroat! }

Image{Female Purple Finch.}

Image{A Cedar Waxwing– stunning!}

There are lots of other birds that visit us like Gold Finches, Chickadees, Morning Doves, Sparrows, Phoebes, and various warblers. Luke took all of these photos; he’s got an eye for spotting birds and loves to be out in the yard watching them.  Most days after work and on weekends we walk the paths in our field and spy on birds. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



5 Responses to “Nesting!”

  1. Fran Says:

    Very good post, we are all waiting for the little bird!!!

  2. Gwen Z. Says:

    Great post and amazing photos by L. Audubon Zaborowski.

  3. Helene Michael Says:

    Liana!!!!! So great to hear from you! Beautiful photo’s, please tell Luke we wish him a happy b-day and you missy… Thinking of you during this amazing time.- let us know when your precious baby arrives.

  4. Gretchen J. Says:

    Stunning photos! Nice job, Luke!

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