Welcome Back!

October 27, 2012

Hello, hello Everybody!  I have missed you via my blog!  This definitely warrants the singing of the theme song from Welcome Back Kotter {I always love to sing this to people when they’ve been away from work, or on vacation, etc:) Enjoy this trip down memory lane…you had to have watched this show, right?!

The nostalgia of  70’s shows like The JeffersonsThrees CompanyLaverne & Shirley, and Happy Days brings me back to my childhood.  My mom and I used to watch these shows together.  Love these memories:) Luke and I watch reruns of these shows when we happen to catch them.  The cool thing about t.v. is that while Luke and I grew up in different states, with differences in family dynamics, and school experiences, we still watched the same shows as little kids and you know how those formative days stay with you. The theme songs from these shows have definitely stayed with me– I bust them out often enough.

{The faces just sum it up!}

{Loved this version of the trio.}

{Not to forget Lenny & Squiggy!}

{The Fonz and crew.}

Has anyone noticed that not too long ago throwback shows on t.v. would include the above and Cheers, Beverly Hillbillies…nowadays Friends is on that line up which makes me feel old!  I watched that show in my 20’s. I had a laugh with a woman I know when she told me her young kids asked her if she’d ever seen Friends!  It’s probably so old news to them. I still watch that and Seinfeld reruns– and still haven’t found a current t.v. show to take their place.  Got any suggestions for me before I become a relic, stuck in the technicolor past?!

One Response to “Welcome Back!”

  1. Helene Michael Says:

    Yeah she’s back!!!

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