Snow is falling outside, inching toward the foot that we’re supposed to get, and inside I have been busy baking.  This recipe from Real Simple magazine that I’ve made a few times is so delicious {and easy!}, you’ve got to try it.  My little one is bouncing around in utero now as I enjoy one of these chocolatey concoctions:) I sprinkle a bit of confection sugar on mine when they’re fresh out of the oven.


{Rich batter that was hard to resist eating raw.}




{Sprinkled with confection sugar.}


{Warm and gooey with a slightly crunchy top layer- Scrumptious!}

I had mine with a mug of almond milk.

Not my Cuppa

March 8, 2013

Finally I tuned in to the show Girls that has been raved about and often recommended.  (We typically do not have HBO, but purchased it for the month.) I watched the entire first season and started the second season and, well, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. It’s dialed in to post-college city-living and the craziness your 20’s can be, which is entertaining at times, but still I don’t care enough to keep on tuning in and the main character Hannah started to annoy me.  Since it’s so popular, though, it makes me wonder what I might be missing about it?

Over the Moon!

March 1, 2013

My heart is full and swelling with joy–so is my growing baby bump!  Luke and I are expecting a little one in July!  I’ve lately been feeling my sweet one move around in utero and it has me beaming:)

Baby nursery mobile

{How cute is this hot air balloon mobile? Oh Pinterest! }

Friends of mine are expecting, too, (you know who you are!) and it’s been great sharing the experience.  One is about to have her baby any minute! I’ve been daydreaming about what’s to come, pulling together a registry, and watching my body grow! All very occupying:)

Have a happy weekend!

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