Hello! Memorial Day Weekend is happening folks! Aside from BBQ’s and taking time to at least mentally honor and thank all of our veterans, this weekend is a reminder to make some good summer plans now, before the summer flies by and leaves the sting of fun not had. Nothing worse than a bleak look back from August to find that you never went camping, or used your kayak {not even once}, and didn’t have that one big bash in your backyard with all your friends.  I’ve seen that vista and I no like.

We started our weekend off yesterday with a walk in the field behind our house where the fog was rolling in and every blade of tall grass was wet with dew.

Then we dried off by fire, which was cool to have going during foggy daylight!

Finally we went inside to make some goodies for eating later this weekend:

Mixed Berry Muffins.  A tried & true recipe from this book.

Greek pasta salad.  It’s a good BBQ companion!

Eggplant rollatinis as inspired by my favorite dish at Ribollita in Portland:)

We’re looking forward to a fun weekend of getting outdoors and good times with family & friends~ the same to you!

Junk Food Junkie?

May 23, 2012

What’s been keeping me so busy that I haven’t blogged is beyond me because if we were to run into each other today and you asked me how am I, what have I been up to? I’d have nuthin’ for you.  Really.  I haven’t been travelling the world or building a pergola, or exercising or getting a pedicure or having my hair cut {all things I desperately need to be doing}.  But, forget all that since I’m here now and by the way, how are you?!

Recently I read this article that discusses our later-in-the-day propensity toward junk food.  Who can relate to this?  I might start off the day with an egg and greens, but I inevitably end it with chocolate.  Like last night when I practically polished off a tub of Stonyfield mint chocolate frozen yogurt.  {I kept checking the calorie and fat content to approvingly keep on digging in!  So much lighter than ice cream!} This one below is apropos to the related article;) Also, this is hardly a junk food, but you get the idea…

The article relies on data from the iphone app Eatery that people use to track what and when they eat which leaves the question of why unanswered. Living in Maine I find that my own overall choice of foods seems to be poorest {in terms of health/good-for-you} in the colder months and at night.  Winter and evening both have lack of light in common.  Maybe it’s a primitive thing to pack in the calories when it’s likely they’d be less available?  As I tell Luke all of the time when he suggests that “back in the day,” people {who he means to be hunters and gatherers} ate food that wasn’t refrigerated at all, etc: we have EVOLVED since then and it’s no longer the case that we have the particular digestive system to withstand spoiled food for sure!!  So, I wonder do our bodies truly crave junkier foods after dark because of primitive urges?! It’s likely just what the article assumes: that we have less willpower on hand by end of day.  Perhaps it’s that simple?!

Loving me some DVF.

May 16, 2012

DVF Love List

I’m a woman, who works in retail, who loves good clothes. Cue Diane von Furstenberg.  {Or DVF, as she is lovingly referred to.} Each season I am delighted visually and drawn in emotionally to her feminine, artful designs.  As I get older it’s as if there is a centrifugal force that draws me in even closer; I believe this has to do with encountering a new level of sophistication in my thirties…even though I still live in denim day by day! I’m inspired.

Diane herself has been a fashion icon since the 70’s when she showed the world her wrap dress. It’s feminine, practical, and smart– all terms you would attribute to a woman who means to be taken seriously, but will not sacrifice style. I love how fresh, global, and polished the DVF collection is;  empowering women anywhere and everywhere to take pride in oneself and in whatever it is they are doing.  She is involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, striving to help women believe in themselves and accomplish goals, dreams.  I love how the woman you want to be is practically sewn into the very garments themselves!

I wouldn’t be in women’s retail if the business of clothing were completely about the superficial. To get spiritual about it, in many ways what you wear reflects who you are, regardless of the label inside, and gives you a certain confidence about yourself.  We all have our flaws {which we tend to list while glancing ourselves in the mirror}, we all have those days, when we couldn’t care less and when we wished we cared more, about how we look. We all feel our best when we look our best, or when we feel proud of something we have done. Being a woman is universal and I think DVF gets that, and celebrates womanhood, and that I love!

{See my post on the Helene m. website, too.}

In Yarmouth, Maine an Elm tree is famous.  “Herbie the Tree.”  The largest American Elm in New England. We lived in that idyllic town, down the road {and up the hill}, from Herbie for eight years.  Heartbreakingly, Dutch Elm disease overtook the 200-plus-year-old tree in 2010. Yarmouth and Herbie’s caretaker, Frank Knight, the town tree warden, had announced the end had come. When that majestic tree was felled it was a major moment in the towns’ history and for all the past and present residents, especially for Knight who’d saved Herbie from several bouts of the disease.

Frank Knight cared for Herbie and the rest of the towns’ trees for 50 years. Knight was quoted as saying he’d lost a friend the day that Herbie came down.

Today the world lost Frank Knight.  He was 103 years old, lived a full life, and leaves behind a legacy laced with a love for trees and a caring, community spirit.

In Yarmouth, next to the Community Garden is the Frank Knight Forest. It’s a perfect plot for wandering and catching glimpses of deer. This carving below of Knight was made using wood from Herbie and he will be laid to rest in a coffin made of the same wood.

It is with a collective feeling of loss, and great thanks, that we say goodbye to Frank Knight who made Yarmouth and Herbie very happy for many years.

Happy Friday y’all!!  I don’t usually say those two words on any given Friday, but I’ve been thinking lately of all the two-word wisdoms that circulate in our culture.  What attracts us to them is not clear, but they seem to get right to the point and roll off the tongue so easily, you know?! These came to mind immediately…maybe you could add more…but keep your eyes and ears open folks, because they’re everywhere!

Be Good.     Stay True.

Shit Happens.     Live Life.

Sleep Well.     Sweet Dreams.

Heck Yeah.     Looking Good.

For Sure.     Too Funny.

Maybe So.     Why Not.

Have Fun.     Rock On.

Get Real.     Get Bent.

Be You.     Shine On.

Work Hard.     Do Good.

Geez Louise.     Take That.

Big Time.     So Cool.

Be Bold.     Be Cool.

Too Much.     So Fun.

Good Times.     Laugh Often.

And one dear to this blog:  With Love.

Be Happy ! Two Word Quote Inspirational print

Honestly, I’ve not had a moment to post anything because I’ve been busy at home and on a buying trip,  spying things like this:

{The Super Moon outside our window…see incredible photos here}

{Bluebird on a post in our yard}

{Fuzzy-bottomed hens in our garden dirt heap}

{Washington Square Park in NYC}

{In the park: the arch where Sally dropped off Harry in my favorite movie}

{All I can say is “thank goodness for parks” in the city}

{Beth Bowley pieces I loved from Resort 2012– spied at Intermezzo}

{Colorful cocktail dresses from Milly’s Holiday 2012 collection}

{Fabulous Rebecca Taylor Fall 2012 coat in her signature leopard print}

{Amazing food and atmosphere can be had (and was!) at Lupa}

{The warm glow inside, and the buzz of happy diners, was perfect}

{A cool shop; like Greenwich Village could get any cooler!}

{P.S. my entryway is c’est fini!  And I j’adore!}

What have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear!

After work today we roamed around the backyard, in drizzling rain, discussing what to plant where when we can get to it.  So many projects {to do outside & inside} are swirling in my head, keeping me occupied enough to not have actually started any yet!  My plan is to paint my entryway tomorrow while the rain is still falling and then get outside for planting when the sun comes out.  What are your Saturday plans?

{Forget-me-nots are at the top of my list for some pretty ground cover.}

Wes Anderson’s latest film should be out in theaters very soon.  Some of his movies are among my favorites, like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouSomething about the studied sets, highly specific characters, quirkiness and deadpan humor just charm me. Naturally, I’m excited for his next endeavor and happy to be seeing Mr. Bill Murray once again!

Did you know that Matt Damon– guy with amazing acting chops, handsome boyish good looks, and big heart– is co-founder of Water.org? This organization works with developing countries to make clean water and sanitation possible. They do so by setting up wells within reasonable distances of villages so people can have a nearby sustainable water supply.

Long-term solutions that are community-based are the best solutions to the problems that many countries face: disease and death due to unsafe, unclean water or no water at all. It’s great that water.org  partners with communities to enable and empower them to take an active part in the process. Another focus is basic sanitation; water sources that are overrun and polluted with waste from animals and humans is no good.  Toilets, my friends, are still a new thing to many people. Read more on why and how Matt is involved.

Every single day, no joke, I give thought (and thanks) to our ability to access clean water any time we want to. I’m constantly reminding Luke not to let the water run.  {He might say that ‘constant reminding’ is really nagging, but it’s for a good reason.} Having immediate access to clean water, which most of us in the U.S. enjoy, is a privilege that many others around the world don’t have.  We take it for granted. In fact, many people die from a lack of clean water.

Do any of you have this on your brain, too?  Water being scarce is one of a billion concerns we have for the environment and its limited resources.  As a culture we are more aware of the effects of over-consumption and to our credit we are making changes in an effort to reverse and halt the negative effects of the way we live. When ‘going green’ became very popular and everyone seemed to seriously ‘rethink,’ reduce, and reuse all I could think was that if ever there was a trend worth jumping on the bandwagon for, this was it. Go green! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And for goodness sake, turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth! Also, do your best not to pollute water sources.  {This is me stepping off my soapbox.  Thanks for reading!}

p.s. Concord, Massachusetts has voted to ban the sale of single-use bottled water. It’s contentious. Hear about it from the Boston Globe and here.

p.s.s. How wonderful is Matt Damon…family man, humanitarian, environmentally conscious and active, talented and incredibly cute?! Making the world a better place is right;)

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