Elements of our Nursery

July 14, 2013

Once I found out that we are having a girl I couldn’t help but think pink for the nursery.  After much Pinterest inspiration I knew that shades of pink, coral, teal, yellow, green and aqua would be my focus.  At first I intended for the colors to be vivid and saturated, but after I saw this rug at L.L. Bean I fell in love.  It became the central design element from then on. It’s made of chenille and is super soft underfoot, which will be great for my crawling babe:

Image{The shades are more rustic, but the colors I wanted are all in there. In person the colors are softer.}

For the walls we decided on a green that worked with the natural landscape that is just outside her window–there is a 70″ wide window in the nursery that overlooks our yard and the trees at the back of the field. The best view in the house:) Luke just built a bird feeder stand out of old fence wood and branches just outside her window so she’ll have birds to watch. {Daddy love.}

Image{‘Timothy Hay’ green wall paint by Martha Stewart.}

For the crib and dresser we went with white for a contrast against the wall and creamy trim color:

Image{DaVinci ‘Kalani’ crib.}


{Ikea ‘Hemnes’ dresser.}

To spruce up the dresser I will replace the knobs with one of these:

Image{‘Lulu’ knob at Anthropologie.}

Image{Another version of ‘Lulu’}

Image{Or a pop of yellow in a ceramic knob, also Anthropologie.}

The curtains are where I went decidedly pink and girly. They’re so pretty in person and add some soft dimension against the walls.

Image{The Land of Nod ‘Antique Chic’ panels.}

Other elements include a light aqua side table, a maple rocking chair, a yellow pot for a plant, a white book shelf filled with books and plush animals and topped with gorgeous picture frames I scored at Home Goods that have touches of gold leafing, a very special original painting made just for her, some hanging hand-sewn birds, and lovely framed Rifle Paper Co. botanical prints that I cut out of an old calendar and put in basic white frames that we hung in a cluster above her dresser/changing table:

ImageWe’re not finished with her nursery just yet, but I love the way it is evolving.  I’ve been particular about what goes in there and choosing items that are soft, add texture, and that are nature inspired. She’ll be in our room for several months but I will bring her into her nursery for play time and to get her familiar with it as a happy and comfortable space.  That may make her transition from our bedside to her own crib easier. 

Nesting has been so much fun!  Her space {and dresser} are full of wonderful gifts from our family and dear friends.  That makes things even more special.  We have such wonderful people around us who love and care for her already.  Bringing a baby into the world is an amazing process that connects you to others in so many ways even though it is a very personal life event.  We’re so excited for her arrival! What a beautiful thing!




July 13, 2013

Oh my goodness, remember me??  I’ve taken a hiatus– just been busy creating life and nesting. Today is my due date–and Luke’s birthday!! Happy Birthday my Love! While I would love to give him the gift of our little girl today, she seems happy to hang in utero longer still, so I continue to nest. The birds around our yard have been busy doing the same…nature and I have been on a similar cycle:)

Image{A pair of Bluebirds checking the box for a possible nesting site earlier this Spring.}

Image{Such beautiful birds! Each year I am grateful for their return.}


{A male perched on the box.}

Most of the boxes have been nested in by Tree Swallows this year.  They are fun to watch flying through the yard, catching bugs, and protecting their boxes.  Don’t mess with a Tree Swallow, they’ll dive bomb you!Image

Other birds we see in our yard:Image{Rose Breasted Grosbeak.}


Image{Female Hooded Warbler– we think! CORRECTION: Common Yellowthroat! }

Image{Female Purple Finch.}

Image{A Cedar Waxwing– stunning!}

There are lots of other birds that visit us like Gold Finches, Chickadees, Morning Doves, Sparrows, Phoebes, and various warblers. Luke took all of these photos; he’s got an eye for spotting birds and loves to be out in the yard watching them.  Most days after work and on weekends we walk the paths in our field and spy on birds. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



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