Google It

July 31, 2012

Ringing in day four!

How many times have you “googled it” when searching for a movie, a definition, a product review, a symptom, or a “how-to” on the web?  The fact that Google has long-ago nonchalantly become a verb shows how much it is used and relied upon.  It is second nature for most of us —  I “google” things all the time.  Last night I did a search for a car problem I had with my Subaru and wouldn’t you know I ended up with an answer.  To spare you boring details of my late-night car dilemma, let me just say that it was an issue I would never have figured out, but my search yielded results from car-talk forums that ultimately helped me to take care of it myself.  While I know there are other search engines out there, I have used Google pretty exclusively.  It’d be strange for me to use Yahoo or AOL; I think I’d still want to say the g-word to refer to my search. Oh, this crazy thing called the internet! Plus, Google has helped me raise my chickens and for that alone I am grateful:)

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