Rules of Civility

July 30, 2012

As I’ve mentioned {months ago}, I have been in a serious book rut! Bad choices, false starts, changes of heart — it was a string of tumultuous relationships between me and my reads for far too long. Last week I walked into a local book shop, Sherman’s, and asked the first sales clerk what they would suggest? I left with Rules of Civility, which I have since devoured!  Such a great recommendation!

It’s 1938 Manhattan. The characters are some I won’t soon forget and the story was great.  That’s all I am saying so just read it!  Also, it’s a book-lovers book: there are mentions of other works like Great Expectations and The Good Earth, a nod to The Great Gatsby, and characters like those in The House of Mirth.  Happy Reading!

5 Responses to “Rules of Civility”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I read this book earlier in the year and it is my go to recommendation. I loved it!

    • Liana Says:

      Rebecca — the ladies in my family who’ve read ‘American Heiress’ have all highly recommended it! Have you read it? I’m going to get to it very soon.

  2. Gwen Z. Says:

    Sounds good. I’ll swap you for “American Heiress” which I felt much the same about.

    • Liana Says:

      I’ve just started {again} ‘Great Expectations’ and then will get to ‘American Heiress’ — so exciting to have good reads lined up!! Even though I’ve attempted ‘GE’ it seems a perfect time to give it another go after ‘RofC’.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Liana – I haven’t read ‘American Heiress’, but I have added it to my must read list! Thanks for the recommendation. The other book you may like is ‘The House at Tyneford’. I would say it is a little bit of a heavier read than ‘Rules’, but it is sort of a ‘Wuthering Heights’ meets Downton Abbey.


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