The best thing about having cable again…

August 1, 2012

Sex and the City re-runs on the Style channel!!!  I’m in heaven over here.  We haven’t had cable in over two years and having only gotten back in the game last week I’m still discovering what’s on the tube.  A moment ago Charlotte, in the therapist’s office with Trey, named her vagina.  You might recall that she named it Rebecca. What?!  Anyway, it’s lovely to have the ladies back!!  I have never found a show to replace it, meanwhile friends have suggested Girls.  Have you seen that?  Alas, HBO is not part of our cable package — but that’s ok for now:)

One Response to “The best thing about having cable again…”

  1. Helene Michael Says:

    Well, it’s about time…so thrilled for you. Now you can join the rest of us tv zombies.

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