enough already, read a book!

March 22, 2012

91 degrees.  That was the high today in my backyard, in the sun.  Right now, it’s later in the evening, I have windows open and am not wearing the thick socks I wore allwinterlong.  This girl is full-on pretending it’s summer.  I know tomorrow it will be chilly once again, and next week people say it will snow– it’s ok.  It is Maine, after all, and I am a Mainer.

Let’s talk books now, shall we?  I’ve been in a wicked slump.  In fact, I’m on a sliding slump and really need to find a place to land.  It might just be A Moveable Feast inspired by a friend who loves Hemingway and has given me a good rec before.  I’ve got that bedside now, but I’m still nervous. Before that I attempted Josephine after reading an excellent book, Desireeand before that I tried rereading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and then One Hundred Years of SolitudeThis is all within the past few months and I didn’t finish any of the attempted titles. Is it possible I’ve lost my reading mojo?  Is my newish iphone to blame?  Is it true that when you ask yourself questions like these that you already know the answer?!  I’ve got to limit my phone use {so many apps, so little time!}. It has usually been that I would read into the night, while I drank my coffee the next morning, and any other chance I could.  SO, to help me along I am going to announce that I am starting this Hemingway classic and will be happy to have anyone join me {virutal bookclub!} and I will finish by Earth Day, April 22.

Have you ever experienced a book slump? What are some of your very favorite books?

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2 Responses to “enough already, read a book!”

  1. Gretchen Johnson Says:

    I’m with you- I’ve been finding it hard to find the time to really get immersed in a book, and when I do sit down to read, I’m so distracted that I never get very far.
    When I get into a book slump, I need to break it with something fun and easy OR, something really engrossing. Classics (and definitely Gabriel Garcia Marquez) do not fit that bill for me. I prefer those when I have lots of time and little to do (eg: on vacation or summer beach reading).
    If you haven’t read The Spellman Files, I recommend it (and the three sequels). Hilarious, very easy to get into and you’ll finish them in a day or two; just enough to feel like you really made some reading progress (The Help is good for the same reason- easy to slip into). Then, up the ante and move into something just a bit more challenging/literary. Have you read Cutting for Stone?
    I also like it when the book I’m reading “feels” right for the season, geography or whatever phase I’m in… It’s like having a paperback soundtrack for my life.
    Happy reading, you lovely little bookworm!

    • Liana Says:


      Thanks for the recs, will put them on the list. It’s true that I’ve been contributing to my slump with my recent book choices-classics-?!
      Loved ‘Cutting for Stone’…try this one if you haven’t ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


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