Loving me some DVF.

May 16, 2012

DVF Love List

I’m a woman, who works in retail, who loves good clothes. Cue Diane von Furstenberg.  {Or DVF, as she is lovingly referred to.} Each season I am delighted visually and drawn in emotionally to her feminine, artful designs.  As I get older it’s as if there is a centrifugal force that draws me in even closer; I believe this has to do with encountering a new level of sophistication in my thirties…even though I still live in denim day by day! I’m inspired.

Diane herself has been a fashion icon since the 70’s when she showed the world her wrap dress. It’s feminine, practical, and smart– all terms you would attribute to a woman who means to be taken seriously, but will not sacrifice style. I love how fresh, global, and polished the DVF collection is;  empowering women anywhere and everywhere to take pride in oneself and in whatever it is they are doing.  She is involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, striving to help women believe in themselves and accomplish goals, dreams.  I love how the woman you want to be is practically sewn into the very garments themselves!

I wouldn’t be in women’s retail if the business of clothing were completely about the superficial. To get spiritual about it, in many ways what you wear reflects who you are, regardless of the label inside, and gives you a certain confidence about yourself.  We all have our flaws {which we tend to list while glancing ourselves in the mirror}, we all have those days, when we couldn’t care less and when we wished we cared more, about how we look. We all feel our best when we look our best, or when we feel proud of something we have done. Being a woman is universal and I think DVF gets that, and celebrates womanhood, and that I love!

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