Hello! Memorial Day Weekend is happening folks! Aside from BBQ’s and taking time to at least mentally honor and thank all of our veterans, this weekend is a reminder to make some good summer plans now, before the summer flies by and leaves the sting of fun not had. Nothing worse than a bleak look back from August to find that you never went camping, or used your kayak {not even once}, and didn’t have that one big bash in your backyard with all your friends.  I’ve seen that vista and I no like.

We started our weekend off yesterday with a walk in the field behind our house where the fog was rolling in and every blade of tall grass was wet with dew.

Then we dried off by fire, which was cool to have going during foggy daylight!

Finally we went inside to make some goodies for eating later this weekend:

Mixed Berry Muffins.  A tried & true recipe from this book.

Greek pasta salad.  It’s a good BBQ companion!

Eggplant rollatinis as inspired by my favorite dish at Ribollita in Portland:)

We’re looking forward to a fun weekend of getting outdoors and good times with family & friends~ the same to you!

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