Junk Food Junkie?

May 23, 2012

What’s been keeping me so busy that I haven’t blogged is beyond me because if we were to run into each other today and you asked me how am I, what have I been up to? I’d have nuthin’ for you.  Really.  I haven’t been travelling the world or building a pergola, or exercising or getting a pedicure or having my hair cut {all things I desperately need to be doing}.  But, forget all that since I’m here now and by the way, how are you?!

Recently I read this article that discusses our later-in-the-day propensity toward junk food.  Who can relate to this?  I might start off the day with an egg and greens, but I inevitably end it with chocolate.  Like last night when I practically polished off a tub of Stonyfield mint chocolate frozen yogurt.  {I kept checking the calorie and fat content to approvingly keep on digging in!  So much lighter than ice cream!} This one below is apropos to the related article;) Also, this is hardly a junk food, but you get the idea…

The article relies on data from the iphone app Eatery that people use to track what and when they eat which leaves the question of why unanswered. Living in Maine I find that my own overall choice of foods seems to be poorest {in terms of health/good-for-you} in the colder months and at night.  Winter and evening both have lack of light in common.  Maybe it’s a primitive thing to pack in the calories when it’s likely they’d be less available?  As I tell Luke all of the time when he suggests that “back in the day,” people {who he means to be hunters and gatherers} ate food that wasn’t refrigerated at all, etc: we have EVOLVED since then and it’s no longer the case that we have the particular digestive system to withstand spoiled food for sure!!  So, I wonder do our bodies truly crave junkier foods after dark because of primitive urges?! It’s likely just what the article assumes: that we have less willpower on hand by end of day.  Perhaps it’s that simple?!

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