Sunday your way

March 25, 2012

Holly Golightly image

Hello!  It’s Sunday…I always think of this day as a dichotomy: You either chill out all day and relax before the work week; or you get stuff done like groceries, laundry, cleaning up, in an attempt to get it together before the work week.  Maybe you do both, splitting the day into two parts: one part business, one part chill?  And there we have a mullet, but that’s just a fun happenstance:) I plan to mostly relax since I’ve been chipping away at chores all weekend and it’s raining.

Yesterday we dug it up in the garden.  We let the chickens in to turn up the soil…and fertilize it.  Then we {Luke} dug up and transplanted some rosa rugosa bushes.  This means I have some garden planning to do!  Where there once were rugosas I’d like to fill it in and expand it with some pretty blues like this.

Enjoy the day, however you choose to spend it!!

2 Responses to “Sunday your way”

  1. Shoko Wanger Says:

    That sounds like a lovely Sunday! I spent mine eating ice cream 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week!

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