Feet First!

March 21, 2012

My feet!

Yesterday after work I went with a friend to get a pedi and went forging into spring with a bright orange-y coral polish.  My girlfriend G went with a shade that felt more transitory.  {I think she expects another snowstorm in the forecast and is playing it safe.}  The rituals we all have of tuning into a new season are so interesting!  I definitely go feet first by brightening my toe polish and wearing peep toe shoes. Today temps were in the 70’s. My feet were spot on!

birds migrating North

Even though my eyes delighted in seeing the pop of color on my toes, I did remember to look up at the beautiful blue sky and saw birds in the midst of their seasonal ritual: migrating North.

Do you have a thing that you do each spring?

p.s. We enjoyed My Week With Marilyn. I definitely want to see a movie starring Marilyn herself; to see what she was like on screen and to fairly say whether Michelle Williams nailed it or not.  She seemed to have done an excellent job!  Which Marilyn movie should I choose?  Any thoughts?

4 Responses to “Feet First!”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    Hey!! I’m not so easily fooled by these false starts that New England does so well. I’m not putting away my wool sweaters yet, either, so there! 😛
    One of my favorite movies of all time is “Some Like It Hot” Marilyn was young and beautiful and hilarious. Her best, in my opinion.

  2. gwen zaborowski Says:

    Liana, see “Some Like it Hot” and “Misfits”.

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