Propagate This!

September 20, 2012

No- this post isn’t about telling people off using plant verbiage in a clever way. {Though, if said with a New York accent and a gesticulating hand motion it does look something like a tell off!} Propagating plants is something we do around here when a plant stalk breaks and we don’t have the heart to toss it.  We’ve grown ‘new’ jade plants, begonias, trailing succulents and most often the cactus that came from my great-grandmother.  I swear, countless friends and family have a cactus begot from this prolific specimen!

{A cacti Mother & Child reunion.}

What prompted this post was a plant in mid-propagation on a woman’s desk that I walked by today at work.  She had almost lost her beloved plant when she’d taken off for vacation and it didn’t get properly watered in her absence. With a little love it could live on! I guess that’s the whole idea…here are some recently planted propagations at our house:

{In the mix here is a begonia, trailing succulent, and mystery plant!}

My father-in-law propagates pretty much every plant he has and any cuttings  he can get a hold of– he is part scientific madman and part master gardener!  We have plants and trees around our yard that have come from some of his and my mother-in-law’s.

When someone gives you a plant and you care for it throughout the years, isn’t it more precious to you over time?  We have a plant that belonged to another great-grandmother, one that a friend gave Luke’s parents when he was born, one that we brought home with us from the weekend we got engaged in Bar Harbor, one that my mom gave to me when I turned 31…we love these greenies and know when and how we got them.  It’s been fun to share them with others!

For a very simple guide to propagating, with elegant photos {like the first one on this post} click on this link to design sponge: Grow on– do it!

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