Ode to Summertime Red, White, and Blue

June 21, 2012

Beach Day

Ever since I can remember I have loved this tri-color combination.  To describe it now would be to say it’s classic and crisp, but growing up I just gravitated toward it.  It’s both tomboy and elegant; American and European.

When we were in nyc at market for work, buying summer from DVF, I had to write this on my order, for obvious reasons:

{Winnie cardigan by Diane von Furstenberg}

People can be apprehensive about putting these colors together because it can scream ‘patriotic’ and be a bit ‘too 4th of July’ but if you keep it simple, add some style and a bit of pattern-play you can make it your own.

The above Polyvore set I created {click on it to get specific item info} has the beach very much in mind since it is officially summertime {in Maine — there is nothing better — yippee!!} I’m thinking it’s going to be a one-piece kind of summer!  As a kid I would wear mine all day, with socks and sneakers, no less! Running around my grandfather’s yard, picking & eating berries and playing badminton. Some things never change:)

Happy Summer to you all!  Enjoy it, fill it up with good stuff, let your inner kiddo out to play and wear red-white-blue if you dare!

3 Responses to “Ode to Summertime Red, White, and Blue”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    That photo cracks me up!! The sneaks and socks, the belted swimsuit, and best of all, that no-nonsense pose and expression- CLASSIC!

  2. Anne g Says:

    A D O R A B L E ! !

  3. Kate Says:

    you were destined to be a fashionista! That photo is precious.

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