On being stumped, but not trumped, by color

June 29, 2012

love the color!

Adding color in our home is important to me.  Personally, I love being surrounded by greens, teals, raspberry reds, and yellows.  Sometimes it takes a printed fabric with all of the above colors to bring everything together and the rest is harmonious history!

beautiful combination of schumacher fabrics in lime green, hot pink, and blues.

However, adding color to your home by way of paint is an altogether different task, for me anyway. Choosing a shade is excruciating and holds up the process, whether for walls or furniture.  Right now I have a dresser that I bought on craigslist. The dimensions fit what I wanted and the hardware is vintage, but it needs a coat of paint in the most fabulous color. It sits in my basement, unpainted, collecting dust. Meanwhile I collect color cards and swatches.

My inspirations:

Beautiful colors

stacking cabinet | wonderful execution

love the gray color!

I’ll be sure to share what I end up choosing, because I will not be trumped by you,  elusive shade of whatever!! Any color suggestions are welcome!

{Image credits for the above can be found on my pinterest board, except the last image which you can find here.}

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