The American woman’s obsession with French style continues…between the topknot and the ballet flats is this very particular way of looking chic and insouciant at the same time that we love to emulate {yours truly included}.  They have a certain je nais se quois! These are the ladies who wear red lipstick and skirts while effortlessly biking about Paris.  {I’d be a grubby little mess attempting such a feat, and I’d be doing it in a pair of workout pants.  Gauche, not Gamine.}

Lately there has been a buzz about the parenting style of the French & who hasn’t heard of their knack for staying slim?  In the outtakes of the movie Bridesmaids there are scenes of Lillian and Helen biking around Paris with baguettes.  Our cultural conscious is speaking French!

French Style

These pieces are the foundation of French style.

Woody Allen’s recent film Midnight in Paris shows France’s own First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy looking pared down, but brilliant:

I’ve been a fan of Amelie since it came out in 2001 {the DVD was also my very first Ebay purchase}.  Audrey Tautou plays that quirky, do-gooder of a character while the cinematography captures the streets of Paris beautifully.  See it if you haven’t! Her hairstyle in that movie sent many American girls to the salon.

Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotillard are just two modern day examples of the cult of c’est chic and they certainly inspire a girl to make the effort, but not to try too hard:

Audrey Tautou

Monday, Monday

March 12, 2012

Daylight savings has given me a kick in the pants! I feel like starting new projects, going for a run, planting, getting my toes painted a bright color…you get the idea.  Invigorated, I am.  How about you?

How cool would these planters be in your yard or on your porch?

If I were to take off today for a vacation, I’d go here.

Yummy lite lunch.

Birds are beautiful.

Looking forward to doing something different like watch movies in our backyard this summer.

This bedside table is pretty cool.

Words to live by.

Have a fabulous day!

a nature walk

March 11, 2012

Was it a sunny, gorgeous day where you are, too?  It was so nice outside that we decided to get out & enjoy it!

Tree line

First we tidied up the barn & chicken coup to which Ruby protested. What a devil!

Ruby the Rooster

Then went for a walk in and out of the woods behind our house following a small brook that runs along the edge of the fields.  It was good to see nature waking up and thawing out!  We stirred up some grouse & ducks and saw deer tracks & the sun shined like crazy.



Just listen to the babbling…

Highlight: Luke noticed that a teeny tiny brook trout was trapped in a small pool, and after he caught the little thing in his hands he freed it into the brook.  Good deed of the day!

Hope you had a carefree & sunshiny Sunday, too!

An Overnight in Portland

March 10, 2012

Portland Maine skyline

Did you know that Portland boasts a pretty great selection of amazing restaurants?  Bon Appetit called it “America’s Foodiest Small Town” in 2009. Some of the more well-known restaurants include Fore StreetHugo’s, and Street & Co.they are all fantastic, but I tend toward more under-the-radar places.

One of my favorites is Caiola’s in Portland’s West End neighborhood {also my favorite ‘end’ of the city}.  Getting the same dish there every time is sort of hard to resist: they make the best paella!  They have a delicious burger and once a gnocchi special made me unbelievably happy! Walter’s is always my go-to place for drinks & the calamari with girlfriends.

If you visit the city and want to stay somewhere distinct, slightly tucked away, and indicative of this city’s celebration of art then you should consider the Pomegranate Inn {also in the West End}.  It’s beautiful, whimsical, and elegant; every single room and nook and wall and thing in there is artfully selected or art itself.  They have a veritable gallery throughout the halls & rooms!  I promise you will love it there!

Something to take home & remember Portland by:  Chart Metalworks  makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and more using nautical maps of all places in Maine {and anywhere, really}.   I gave my husband a key ring with a map of Popham Beach, where we were married.

Portland has it going on!  It’s so dear to me and has grown to be a very hip, happening little city.  This is the first of many Portland mentions and just a few of my recommendations…more later!  Have a happy weekend!

Morning Y’all!  It’s sunny & chilly here.  After the full moon yesterday I feel a little more like myself.  Ever have a devil on your back {stole that line from Florence & the Machine, thankyouverymuch} that you just can’t shake?

Speaking of women with amazing voices, are any of you Adele fans out there?

Adele Grammy Acceptance 2012

Do you fight back tears when you listen to her songs?  I do!  And in that moment I recognize that the scene in the song isn’t my burden to carry, it’s not my heartbreak, but honestly it’s just so moving!  Her lyrics are passionate and the way she sings them is, too.  Listening to NPR the other night I was given an explanation for the tears.  It’s the effect of a note called appoggiatura which is heard in the chorus of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  It is apparently not what our ear expects to hear and this causes a release of emotion.  You and me, we’re not emotional wrecks, we’re emotional beings.  Phew!

p.s.  I wrote a guest blog for MainelyMara about Fall trends that I observed at Fashion Coterie!  {If you are a Mainer and like a good deal on anything worth it’s salt then sign up for MainelyMara’s local offers & check in on her local style notes!}

Have a lovely Friday!

Signs of Spring!

March 8, 2012

Hello!  Did anyone else experience Spring today?  We had temps near 60 in Maine and most of the snow in my backyard has melted…I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch was melting: it’s glorious to see it go!

Our chickens have been cluckin’ & peckin’ up a storm on the newly uncovered ground.  And, the best thing going is that the woodcock have returned to our little field for their spring mating dance!!!

American Woodcock

It is just beyond awesome to hear their “peeent” call and then the twirly whistling they do once they take flight, far above the clouds, in attempt to attract a mate.  When they land they go back to the same spot and start their “peeenting” again.  They are at the back edge of our field and last year we had one on the side of our driveway. Check it:

Since we moved here over a year ago we have experienced a plethora of birds.  Yep, a plethora.  Bluebirds nested here last spring and hung around all summer, sometimes lining the roof of our barn. They are beauties!

Blue Bird

Every morning chipper Chickadees hang out at our feeders and lately we’ve had a Cardinal and a Titmouse.

There have been other signs of Spring, too, like people are smiling and the sidewalks in Portland had lots of traffic today.  The shop is full of colorful clothes like this and these and this. I got my new red shoes delivered today.  Loveliness! Strangely at work today we wrote orders for Trina Turk’s fall collection.  It was an all around frenetic day and wouldn’t you know~ it’s a full moon!

Ryan Gosling is everywhere these days. In movies, in magazines, in these “Hey Girl” flashcards that are all over the web, and in our heads!  Lately he is the subject of most girl talk, at least with the ladies in my life {sisters-in-law, nieces, friends, etc!}. All the “hey girl” hoopla seems to have begun with the ‘Feminist Ryan Gosling blog,’ and as one blogger noted it has since “jumped the shark.” He has also been in a bunch of movies over the past year. These are so clever and he is so cute, no wonder they’ve caught on:

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling bubble bath

And he’s not just a looker, he’s a fine actor, too.  Have you seen any of his latest movies, like “Drive” or “Ides of March”? Or the classic chick flick “The Notebook”? Or the quirky “Lars and the Real Girl”?  He is great in each one and has that certain captivating charm that has just as much to do with the way he delivers a line and the sweet look in his eye as it does his handsome self.  *Swoon*

Lars and the Real Girl

The Notebook movie

Drive movie

Crazy Stupid Love movie

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