Wind’s blowing up a gale today!

March 2, 2012

Hello!  It’s a happy shiny Friday up in here!  We had snow yesterday and today it’s all sunshine & snowmelt.  And I feel feisty~ ain’t no getting me down today!

This weekend I am headed out of town to spend time with family & see my best girlfriend.  This little Mainer is once again headed out for a jaunt in the city, but this time it’s Boston.

Last weekend the wind was blowing up a gale {I stole that line from the character Eli Cash in “The Royal Tenenbaums” one of my very favorite movies}. It was perfect kite flying weather, so that’s what we did.  Well, Luke did.  I stayed inside & listened to relaxing music on Pandora.  When his stunt kite caught my eye I had to take video.  The music that was playing matched the scene so well.  It reminded me of those nature shows where you see the elegant stingray gliding through the water set to equally beautiful music.  It was just like that.

Have a look, it should take your blood pressure down a notch and start your weekend off right.  Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

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