Composing an Artful Nook

March 6, 2012

Well hello!  After an enjoyable long weekend of family, friends & knocking projects off my to-do list, I’m beginning what is my typical work week; Tuesday thru Saturday.  Ever wake up calm & cool as a cucumber, getting things done with ease?  Rare, isn’t it?  That’s how my day has started off and I feel giddy, but don’t want to shake the calm so I’ll be straight-faced about it.

Let’s talk about composing an artful nook!  A nook {by definition} should be a corner or small area, set aside for some seclusion. On the periphery, perhaps, of a larger space. Making it artful will take some effort.  Best advice is to use things that you love and not to settle on creating a look, but more of a feeling that evokes what you regard as a space for relaxing and being removed from the household bustle.

This whole idea was inspired by a chair that my talented brother-in-law, Graham, made.  Designed and made.  This chair is as original as he is!

                                    Just look at this wood grain up close {Gorgeous!}:

And while pinning on Pinterest in my downtime yesterday I spied this piece of art:

Linda Donohue has a shop on Etsy and after looking at all of her works I am lusting after one for my home.  Seaside abstract original paintings? Ah, yes says this girl! This piece paired with Graham’s chair just seems natural.  And relaxing.

I like to read in a nook {and doze off} do you? A lamp is in order, and not just any.  It has to fit with the simple beauty of the other items; to stand on it’s own and add to the rest. This lamp design has fine ‘legs’ that remind me of an easel and it matched the feeling that I wanted for this artful nook.  It happens to be sold at a wonderful local store in Portland.

For a cozy, relaxed feel I wanted to add a rug.  A soft texture underfoot for when you’re curled up, but one foot dangles onto the floor.  For those toes I want soft fibers…and of course, something pretty fabulous. So I looked to fellow Mainer Angela Adams Birds of Paradise:

Voila~ An artful nook! This composition is indicative of my style, as your nook should be of yours.  The natural colors, materials, fibers, seaside landscape all make for a calming, tucked-away retreat. The intermingling of textures and cohesive palette makes me feel happy.  What would your nook look like if you were to design, or redesign one now?  What would you read there?  This one inspires me to read something about seafaring or life on an island…if I close my eyes I can feel the salty wind blowing now:)

4 Responses to “Composing an Artful Nook”

  1. gwen zaborowski Says:

    Loved it.

  2. Gretchen Johnson Says:

    The perfect place to spend an afternoon with Gift from the Sea- call me when your nook is ready for “booking” (pun intended).

  3. Anne Says:

    You have inspired me. I may be redoing a room this weekend!
    Or at least dreaming about it.

  4. Eva Says:

    That painting is GORGEOUS!!!! I want one for my house too! Nice nook…! ❤

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