Having your cake and eating it too much

March 19, 2012

Morning!  Let’s just say that I didn’t start my day off in the most nutritional way.   Remember the chocolate bundt cake that I made? Well, I’m still eating it every chance I get.  For a mid afternoon snack, a dessert, and this morning~ gasp!  ~breakfast. It brought to mind that episode from Sex and the City that I think we ladies can all relate to: Miranda bakes a Betty Crocker cake and can’t stop eating it until finally she just has to toss the thing in the garbage.  And then she retrieves it from the garbage and eats it some more.

Have any of you ever done that?  Once, years ago, one of my coworkers did that very thing at work so I witnessed it, and it wasn’t that shocking to me.  I’ve just always figured, why bother tossing it when I know I’ll go back for more…better to just eat it off the plate!  The crazy things we ladies do, especially for chocolate! SO, I didn’t start my day off eating from a box of Wheaties, but at least it wasn’t from the trash.

One Response to “Having your cake and eating it too much”

  1. Dani Says:

    Too funny! I can picture you eating that cake

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