a fun weekend was had

March 18, 2012

Royal River

Not sure about the rest of you, but we had a full weekend.  Dinner and brunch with friends and family meant lots of cooking and eating; the sunniest & warmest days we’ve had this year meant lots of being outside and moving around {I even ran today!}; and said sunny skies meant we saw 2 Bald Eagles across from our house {for reals}, tons of tweety birds about the yard, and tracks of all kinds in the fields.  Next weekend better be just as good!

The Irish boiled dinner was fantastic {not a pat on my back, just a testament to why anyone would continue to boil meat & veggies when it all feels so wrong and roasting seems superior, but in the end it tastes so right}.  Also, yesterday Luke shaved his beard and left an impressive mustache with twirled ends that had us all giggling for the night.  It was perfect St. Patty’s day fun!  {It has since been removed from that handsome face.}

For brunch today I made French toast with cream cheese & apricot preserves between two pieces of Italian bread. {Geez, it’s been like the League of Nations with food around here!} We drowned that in maple syrup that our friend made from tapping his own Sugar Maple trees.  And last night’s boiled dinner made the best corned beef hash today.  Hennies provided the eggs and voila brunch was served!

Over the past two days we’ve had a dog, kiddos, friends, and family all fill our house and we loved every minute of it! We’re going to wrap it up with a viewing of My Week with Marilyn. Have any of you seen it?  Lots of people have been singing it’s praises. Marilyn has never intrigued me, but I’ve already got a feeling I’ll be eating my words…

My Week With Marilyn Movie Poster

2 Responses to “a fun weekend was had”

  1. helene michalski Says:

    Liana, what a perfect weekend! You should write a cook book!

  2. gwen zaborowski Says:

    Liana, I hope there is a pic of Luke with the handle bar.
    Very impressive post. Wish I had been there.

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