Monday, Monday

March 12, 2012

Daylight savings has given me a kick in the pants! I feel like starting new projects, going for a run, planting, getting my toes painted a bright color…you get the idea.  Invigorated, I am.  How about you?

How cool would these planters be in your yard or on your porch?

If I were to take off today for a vacation, I’d go here.

Yummy lite lunch.

Birds are beautiful.

Looking forward to doing something different like watch movies in our backyard this summer.

This bedside table is pretty cool.

Words to live by.

Have a fabulous day!

4 Responses to “Monday, Monday”

  1. Gretchen Johnson Says:

    I love the backyard movie idea; we won’t have to sneak in our own snacks!
    Can I put in an early request for Darjeeling Limited? Ooh- or a classic, like To Catch A Thief or Some Like it Hot. Oh- or maybe Endless Summer for that retro surf vibe!
    OK, I’ll stop now…

    • Liana Says:

      Good ideas! I’ve been thinking of projecting a movie onto the side of the barn…we could definitely have a Wes Anderson marathon & a classics night. Can’t wait!!

  2. Eva Says:

    AHHHH! Those planters hurt my head they are SO awesome! Ay yi yi, and I am now adding that lava pool to my list of places to visit… great post!

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