a nature walk

March 11, 2012

Was it a sunny, gorgeous day where you are, too?  It was so nice outside that we decided to get out & enjoy it!

Tree line

First we tidied up the barn & chicken coup to which Ruby protested. What a devil!

Ruby the Rooster

Then went for a walk in and out of the woods behind our house following a small brook that runs along the edge of the fields.  It was good to see nature waking up and thawing out!  We stirred up some grouse & ducks and saw deer tracks & the sun shined like crazy.



Just listen to the babbling…

Highlight: Luke noticed that a teeny tiny brook trout was trapped in a small pool, and after he caught the little thing in his hands he freed it into the brook.  Good deed of the day!

Hope you had a carefree & sunshiny Sunday, too!

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  1. Gwen zaborowski. Says:

    Best post, yet. Will send it on.I

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