Does Adele make you cry, too?!

March 9, 2012

Morning Y’all!  It’s sunny & chilly here.  After the full moon yesterday I feel a little more like myself.  Ever have a devil on your back {stole that line from Florence & the Machine, thankyouverymuch} that you just can’t shake?

Speaking of women with amazing voices, are any of you Adele fans out there?

Adele Grammy Acceptance 2012

Do you fight back tears when you listen to her songs?  I do!  And in that moment I recognize that the scene in the song isn’t my burden to carry, it’s not my heartbreak, but honestly it’s just so moving!  Her lyrics are passionate and the way she sings them is, too.  Listening to NPR the other night I was given an explanation for the tears.  It’s the effect of a note called appoggiatura which is heard in the chorus of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  It is apparently not what our ear expects to hear and this causes a release of emotion.  You and me, we’re not emotional wrecks, we’re emotional beings.  Phew!

p.s.  I wrote a guest blog for MainelyMara about Fall trends that I observed at Fashion Coterie!  {If you are a Mainer and like a good deal on anything worth it’s salt then sign up for MainelyMara’s local offers & check in on her local style notes!}

Have a lovely Friday!

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