Signs of Spring!

March 8, 2012

Hello!  Did anyone else experience Spring today?  We had temps near 60 in Maine and most of the snow in my backyard has melted…I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch was melting: it’s glorious to see it go!

Our chickens have been cluckin’ & peckin’ up a storm on the newly uncovered ground.  And, the best thing going is that the woodcock have returned to our little field for their spring mating dance!!!

American Woodcock

It is just beyond awesome to hear their “peeent” call and then the twirly whistling they do once they take flight, far above the clouds, in attempt to attract a mate.  When they land they go back to the same spot and start their “peeenting” again.  They are at the back edge of our field and last year we had one on the side of our driveway. Check it:

Since we moved here over a year ago we have experienced a plethora of birds.  Yep, a plethora.  Bluebirds nested here last spring and hung around all summer, sometimes lining the roof of our barn. They are beauties!

Blue Bird

Every morning chipper Chickadees hang out at our feeders and lately we’ve had a Cardinal and a Titmouse.

There have been other signs of Spring, too, like people are smiling and the sidewalks in Portland had lots of traffic today.  The shop is full of colorful clothes like this and these and this. I got my new red shoes delivered today.  Loveliness! Strangely at work today we wrote orders for Trina Turk’s fall collection.  It was an all around frenetic day and wouldn’t you know~ it’s a full moon!

2 Responses to “Signs of Spring!”

  1. Eva Says:

    LOVE those red shoes! They are perfect for you! Spring was most definitely in the air yesterday and it felt SO great!


  2. Gretchen Johnson Says:

    Diggin on those shoes, lady!!

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