Good Chi and Candy

April 12, 2012

We have a house guest this week.  He wiggles, snores, snorts, and while we’re out he sleeps pressed up against our glass doors, behind the curtains. His name is Chi.  Maybe you guessed {correctly} that he’s a pug.  A little snuggly bugger who’s a pleasure to have around.  {The photo above is not of Chi, but made me laugh!} He has chickens at home, too, so ours are no big deal to him.  We’ve been having fun this week and it will be sad when he goes. Some of our fun has to do with calling him silly names…I’ve taken to “Cheeeese” {stolen from Old School}:

The chickens are doing great after the big scare at our house the other day.  Ruby is on high alert, but we’ve been letting them hang out in our enclosed garden so there isn’t the threat of a fox. Plus, they’re turning over the soil and getting paid in worms. Win-win. Scratch-Scratch.

This week we’ve been lying low.  Renting movies like J. Edgar, making lazy dinners like scrambled eggs, and eating way too much leftover Easter candy that my sister-in-law gave to us.  Being reacquainted with Sprees and  Cadbury mini eggs is killing any health kick I thought I was on.  Who am I kidding?! The Gelato Fiasco I found in my grocery cart isn’t helping things on that end either.  And I admit that I didn’t find it in my cart; the proper word would be placed. Tomorrow I Juice.  Or at least drink kale smoothies and try to undo this voodoo. Anyone else OD’ing on sugar these days? How about dog sitting?

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