Maine Things Monday

April 9, 2012

Hello!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  Since it was a holiday we saw a good amount of family and that’s always a highlight!   Things are ‘greening’ up around here but Maine has been super dry and we’ve had some wildfires.  A rarity for us in March and April.

On my next day off I plan to visit the Maine Audubon’s Gilsland Farm location {where the trees and wildlife have been safe from fires} to check out the birds and see what’s in bloom over there.  A meandering walk through nature, along the estuary is in order! They have lots of interesting and fun events going on all the time in various locations, too! 

Gilsland Farm Maine Audubon

p.s. On Saturday Night Live last night there was a mention of a Maine man in a Batman costume who pulled a not-so-funny April Fool’s prank that got him arrested.  Got to love being mentioned on one of the most watched pop culture podiums for having a knucklehead amongst us!  What state doesn’t though?!


In keeping with the nature theme here, take a look at these awesome wooden toys and puzzles from Merchants Row, right here in Maine! They have nailed the whole turning-your-idea-into-a-tangible-thing endeavor that is just so hard for most of us!  Every single puzzle, toy, and object that they make is like a little piece of art.


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