Remember that scene in Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon’s character gets the girl’s number and flaunts it through the window at the jerk from the Hah-vahd bar? He said, “How do you like them apples?!” and we all felt the glee of seeing the good guy trump the {not so nice word here}?

Well how about this: Apple stock is predicted to reach $1000 a share?! Driving home from work today I heard this on Marketplace and while the prediction may not come to fruition, stock is currently around $629 a share.  Is anyone who owns Apple products surprised? Last November I got my iphone and as I’ve admitted before, it is my precious dear to me.  As noted in the story the iphone is much more than a phone; aside from the countless apps it’s a camera, calendar, video recorder, video game player, and gives you internet access at your fingertips.  You can check email, ebay, facebook, npr, craigslist, and the weather with your fingertip!  I’m on the Apple wagon, even though sometimes it feels like I’m in a herd of sheep…but you like what you like.

Do you have Apple products? What do you use them for and what do you love best about them?

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