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April 16, 2012

Portland, Maine Flea-For-All

Remember when I mentioned the Flea-For-All opening in Portland?  Well, on opening day at 10am sharp I was there checking things out!  There were two floors of vendors set up {I hear they’ll be adding more and rotating the line-up} and lots of people milling about. Very exciting! Jewelry, vintage clothing, old dishes & mugs, new lamps with funky designs, handmade pottery, aprons, and owl pillows. There were bicycles, records, and some furniture in the mix, too.

Portland, Maine Flea-For-All

Everything was nicely edited. The highlight was Ziggy the Talking Clown!  {It reminded me of the movie Big!}

Ziggy the Talking Clown

The entire weekend was gorgeous and sun-filled. I started it by taking a walk around Mackworth Island with a friend:

Mackworth Island

Then a hike on Bradbury Mountain with another friend where some birders spotted an Eagle:

Bradbury Mountain Eagle siting

That tiny dot at the top of the photo is the Eagle. The sun was glaring down and I couldn’t see a thing so I literally pointed my phone camera in that direction and got what I could! Yesterday at my in-law’s house a mature Eagle took a break on the rocks long enough so we got a good look at just how large of a bird they are when they aren’t soaring up above.  I guess over the weekend they were out cruising the skies while most of us were out combing the land, enjoying the weather.

What were you up to over the weekend?

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