After seeing this post about hanging big art in the bedroom recently from Apartment Therapy it’s been on a constant loop in my head.  I want to do this!  We do not have a headboard and it seems like I’m always considering DIY projects or looking online for the right style…in the end, maybe I just hang large-scale art instead?  I wouldn’t frame mine with glass, though, because there is something unnerving about such a heavy thing hanging over us while we sleep that could possibly come loose.  A fear that began the night we heard a crashing sound {as if a car drove into our apartment!} and we ran downstairs to find that our shelves with all our favorite pottery had fallen from the wall into a heap of shards. Sad, so sad.  We likely didn’t anchor them properly, but the fear lingers!

Enlarging a cool photo is another great idea.  We have this one wall in our living room that is wide and tall and still empty.  I had this cheeky idea that we could take a photo of the view from the windows adjacent to it and have that photo made very large and hang it on the wall.  Cheeky and tricky:)

What do you think about such big art for your bedroom or any room? Also, what are your thoughts on ideas like these that stay with you?  My feeling is that you should act on them, but I don’t always do that, hence the bare walls and our unadorned head-of-the-bed.

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