Holiday Traditions

December 18, 2012

Holidays are for tradition. We carry on the the traditions we loved as children and we make new ones, too. One thing I do every Christmas is bake Italian Anise cookies from my grandmother’s recipe. This year I made a batch with my mother, which was a treat. They’re a labor of love {prepare the dough, chill, roll into balls with oiled hands, bake, ice each one with glaze and sprinkle it with confetti dots before glaze hardens, repeat}. This year we skipped the tree {I figured poinsettias and a wreath would suffice} but I wouldn’t even consider skipping the cookies!




Cheers to holiday traditions and celebrating the joys of the season!

2 Responses to “Holiday Traditions”

  1. Gretchen J. Says:

    Italian cookies on a Polish plate- how mulit-cultural of you! 😉 They look delish.

  2. anne Says:

    I often have a smile, goosebumps or get teary eyed when I read your posts. today I have all 3! happy holidays

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