Movie Talk

November 9, 2012

Recognize this? Did you see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen? I really liked it! The plot was slightly out there, but it all managed to become something wonderful. A wealthy sheik has a vision of bringing the authentic salmon fishing experience that he loves so much to his native Yemen. Emily Blunt’s character Harriet is charged with organizing those who can make it happen, like fisheries expert Fred, played by Ewan McGregor. Overall it’s a story about faith and love and possibilities. And there is romance. It is all so sweet. Just see it.

As an aside, I’m obsessed with the pants that Harriet wore while in Yemen. They were smart looking outdoor pants with a bit of style and she wore them gathered up at the calf {obsessed all right}.  That is my struggle– finding a great pant to hike and hang out in that isn’t my current ugly pair that I want to burn. By the time I was finished raving about them Luke said he thought he needed a pair!  I’m telling you…Yemen pants need to happen. {This is the only pic I could find.}

2 Responses to “Movie Talk”

  1. Helene Michael Says:

    Hi wee, I think I have to go see it.

    • Liana Says:

      Hi Helene! You’ve been on my mind:) You and Michael could watch this together; it’s got something for both of you. I rented it from a Redbox recently. I’ll send you an email soon, xo L

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