Reese Witherspoon Style

August 10, 2012

I just love this gal — to me she embodies smarts, polish, good manners, and a seriousness about her kids and her craft — what’s not to admire there? Over the years I’ve also admired her style.  She typically dresses in classic pieces that are feminine, whether she’s dressed up or down.

The girl seems to get it right every time — whether she’s walking the red carpet or stepping out to run errands.

While perusing Pinterest the other day I saw a pin of this living room that looked elegant and casual, a tough balance to achieve. I wasn’t surprised to find that it belongs to Reese!

Elle Decor has done a photo shoot of the actress’ Ojai home.  Everywhere your eye lands you can see something artful.  Each room looks comfy and relaxed.

The home is stunning on it’s own — Spanish, full of light, lots of charm — and the outside is just as charming and inviting.

Here she is with her nieces, amidst clusters of lavender and outdoor decor that is in keeping with the rest. Bravo Reese — what a lovely home!

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