Maine Things Monday: Seaside Romance

April 23, 2012

Spring mating amongst birds is ever-present right now. They’ve been busy doing their dance and if you’re lucky {pun possibly intended} you’ll catch them in action.  On a recent hot, sunny day I walked over to Casco Bay Ferry Lines to pick up tickets to Peaks Island.  The party boats and ferries were proudly sitting atop the sun-sparkling water; the sea gulls were calling; the salt air was blowing!

Casco Bay Lines Bay Mist

Casco Bay Lines Island Romance

Then I glanced over and right next to “Island Romance” were two pigeons doing a choreographed dance.  It was as if  Cole Porter’s “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love” was playing in the distance, coming off the ocean like a fog, setting the scene.


Contrary to what some may believe, Mother Nature must think we do need more pigeons! The old song and dance goes on…

9 Responses to “Maine Things Monday: Seaside Romance”

  1. Julie Khuu Says:

    Hilarious! Dunno about you, but I’m sure she does have a plan in store! Gotta trust Mother Nature, right?!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Thanks for visiting and leaving your awesome comments…Would love for you to stop back in to check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. Cute! Nice to nature getting a bit romantic to celebrate spring 😉

  3. Shoko Says:

    Hahaha! This is so funny. How romantic 🙂

  4. Eva Says:

    Hmmm, Are you turning into a voyeur there? LOVE it! SO super sweet…

  5. Aww!! That’s adorable ❤ I love birds! Though I got poop-ed on by a pigeon while at a market yesterday. First time.

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