Looking Good in the Neighborhood

April 11, 2012

It’s fun to dress up sometimes, to put on an actual dress or skirt and look extra pretty, but I’ve got to say that more often than not I am in denim and keepin’ it real! Things are casual around here.  Our clothes tend to reflect the pace of the place, right? New Englanders are a sturdy sort and it’s no surprise that denim fits us just fine, and in Maine this means even for fine dining.

For those of you with casual or creative workplaces that allow denim, or for  weekends when you’re just banging around town {whatever your daily or weekly denim allowance is– I get to wear it to work every single day},  wearing denim and a fairly basic top can easily be pulled together and elevated in style by adding an interesting piece of jewelry, or a shoe in a great color, or a funky scarf.  Being as comfortable as “jeans and a tee” but looking “dressed to a T” is about choosing items that fit and flatter you, go well together, and have a point of visual interest to polish it up.  Making something your own can involve accessories, but sometimes it’s as simple as a fun color combination.

I got inspired to put together “visually interesting” and highly wearable outfits on Polyvore. This is the first set I’ve yet to create! This could be a great way to help you discover your own style or to create new looks without leaving your house or being limited by your actual wardrobe.  Then take your new inspiration as a guide for your next shopping trip. It’s clear I like pattern, color, and mixing them together.  Aside from the extras, the canvas of each outfit is a pair of jeans {skinny, boot cut, colored…these all fly; denim has never been more democratic} and a basic top {long & loose, fitted & striped, oversized & blousy}.  The most fun you can have with the basics is by giving them a twist. If you wanted to get real neighborhood-y about it you could add a cardigan like our old good friend Mr. Rogers.  Remember that he used to change into one in each episode?  Have any of you tried Polyvore yet?Spring: Denim & Tops Accessorized

Spring: Denim & Tops Accessorized by lilimz featuring stone jewelry

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