Happy Easter!!

April 8, 2012

Assuming you celebrate Easter, do you remember as a kid waking up to the excitement of your basket that the Easter Bunny left for you?  I would have a trail of jelly beans to follow from my bed to my basket!  There would be egg-shaped candy, jump rope, a bottle of bubbles, a toothbrush, marshmallow peeps, a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny, a book, and an orange.  What a combination of things!

This image of Christopher Walken as The Bunny makes me laugh!  It’s a little creepy that you can see more instances of Walken wearing The Bunny here.

2 Responses to “Happy Easter!!”

  1. hahaha! love the toothbrush part – good parenting! and the jumprope …. kind of offsets all the deliciousness. Happy Easter Sunday to you too!

    • Liana Says:

      I’ll do the same thing someday, I’m sure! I helped my sister-in-law put her kiddos’ baskets together~ it was cool to see what parents do these days and it’s very similar. Hope you had a great day:)

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