Rainy Day Ready!

March 14, 2012

Hello! There is a fine mist coming down on us today that is sure to turn into  big, fat raindrops.  I’ve always liked rainy days.  There is something calming about them, even if the wind is blowing hard and the rain is coming down sideways, there is something comforting about being able to hunker in if you want to or venture out.  On a sunny day I can’t stand staying inside.  So, I guess for me a rainy day is a free day, and in the end I don’t mind being out in the wet weather! Being dressed for it is key, especially in mud season…here are some pieces that traverse fashion and function; misty days and raining-cats-and-dogs days:

Hunter Boots, Daughter's of the Liberations  Anorak, Marc Jacobs Spectacle Umbrella

Hunter Wellies, Daughter's of the Liberation Anorak, Marc Jacobs Umbrella

 A pop of color at the foot and head with a polka-dotted anorak in between! I think wellies are best in brights and an umbrella is always fun in an unexpected print.  Being a practical gal myself I would typically opt for the key piece {the anorak} in a multi-tasking print & color combo.  Cannot go wrong with a classic dot and navy & white combo.  Maybe an umbrella as cool as this would help me to not leave it at home, which I tend to do!  How do you take on a rainy day?



One Response to “Rainy Day Ready!”

  1. Gretchen Johnson Says:

    I love the excuse to wear my cherry red, crinkled patent leather boots by La Canadienne. They are super comfy and have just enough of a wedge heel to wear as my all-day shoes, and not just for getting to and from the office. Those, with a classic trench and my Burberry plaid bucket hat and I am impervious to the rainy-day blahs.

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