I’m from Maine…

February 28, 2012

Hello! This is my first post ever! I never thought I’d have a blog.  Maybe you can relate?  Having always loved to write it seems fitting that I would get into blogging, but I didn’t see this coming.  Let me blame it on all the fabulous bloggers out there who inspire me, and the voice in my head that cracks me up!  (It shows me the funny side of life and that’s worth sharing.)  It’s true: I’m a Mainer.  Maybe you don’t know a thing about this beautiful state, maybe you know a thing or two more than I do.  Either way, it is special to me and very much a part of who I am.

When I meet new people from out-of-state and tell them I’m from Maine there is this thing that happens…it’s one of two things, actually.  They get a sparkle in their eye or they give an open mouthed head-nod “ooohhh”…lets take the former (they’re my favorite)…they usually want to move to Maine.  They came here as a kid, with an old boyfriend, or maybe to a college friend’s wedding. This state speaks to them and I totally get it.

Snapshot of life here right now: mild winter, impending snowfall with inevitable sunny day to follow (hence there is hardly any snow on the ground in southern Maine).  Why am I giving you the weather? Honestly, it’s second nature, but the fact that it comes to mind immediately is indicative of the culture here…we talk about the weather. Constantly.  What else would I begin to talk about?!

My husband didn’t grow up here like I did, but he made it clear years ago that he will never leave here.  Go figure.  We live in a small town just outside of Portland.  We raise chickens, grow veggies in the summertime, and enjoy the seasons for what they each offer.  Below are a few of our chickens! We raised these little buggers from a day old in a box in our basement to the egg-laying mamas they are now…except one grew to be a rooster.  That was a surprise! For awhile we just thought that chick was growing faster than the others, but soon it became very clear. We had named them all and Ruby was the rooster’s original name. While I was tempted to call him “Lola” after the Kinks song, we just decided Ruby it is.  Remember “True Grit”? The newer version by the Coen brothers stars Jeff Bridges (the Dude!)  as Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn. I figure Ruby can be short for that.  When we first came to see what is now our new house there was a picture of ‘the Dude’ from “The Big Lebowski” on the fridge.  We took it as a sign.

The chickens are wimps about the snow.  They won’t even walk on it, it’s too cold.  When the sun melts a spot in the yard they make their way over and peck away.  You can see Ruby crowing in the photo.  Most likely my husband Luke was somewhere nearby; the two of them have an interesting relationship!  Luke has won the adoration of the hens and Ruby is not pleased with this so he attacks Luke whenever he gets the chance!  When I see his attack-mode posture coming on I give him the business verbally.  He gives me the stink eye and then takes off.  They’re so much fun to have around and we love sharing the eggs with family and friends. It seems so many people are keeping chickens now so I know we aren’t alone!

While I get this blog thing started it would be wonderful to get your feedback and support.  Please send me any comments and/or questions that you have!

Until tomorrow…

From Maine with Love

3 Responses to “I’m from Maine…”

  1. Eva Says:

    I am SOOOO happy you have a blog you little literary princess! I cant wait to keep seeing it unveil! Great first post little lady!


  2. Gwen zaborowski. Says:

    Love it. Your humor makes it fun. Writing is great.

  3. cathlyn@gmail.com Says:

    Keep it coming. I can’t wait to check back. I hear the real you in there when I read. That is what is best about it! xx Beautiful.

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